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About Crying

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Empathy doesn't have to look like crying at every movie or commercial you see. It's about recognizing feelings using your mirror neurons.

Let's talk about identifying feelings before we really get into practicing #empathy. The first posts were generic overviews, but more recent posts will go into detail on subtopics. Get prepared for some tests, quizzes, and polls to help you practice. That's right! We will do some empathy drills. But for now, let's just work on identifying emotions.

You probably know a lot about emotions.

You experience them ALL the time. Emotions are like your own personal GPS System.

So, use that!

Your own emotions, mixed with your knowledge of who you are - and who you aren't are your key to using #empathy.

There are many interpretations for what we observe. Like with the image above, many different descriptions could fit in terms of interpretation. Obviously, feelings are #subjective. We can't really say one true, objective answer for what the feeling is. This is why so many people struggle to develop #empathy. I am looking at you, math nerds (JK - I love you! And you are the people I most commonly have this conversation with)! You #love having a clear answer. Let me tell you the clear answer to feelings. It depends on what YOU feel. You get to say, by looking into yourself. Feelings are #created between two objects. One object being you, and the other being what you are engaging with. You just engaged with all of the above pictures and accompanying texts. You #felt something each time - even if it was #numbness or #neutrality. That - your feeling - is a part of the experience. I am sure you felt some feelings that were different from the ones I listed below the images. What I wrote might have even given you a feeling too.

I know we are starting to get a bit #meta here, so I will leave this at that for now.

Thanks for giving this post your attention! I will post more feelings posters later with a wider range of expressions of feelings. Here, we are just acclimating ourselves.

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