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How To - GRIEF edition

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

WOW - check out this amazing resources for grief!

This website is beautiful and so needed.

Grief is a very confusing thing to navigate. It can lead to depression, anxiety, and existential issues up the wazoo!

Wheather sudden or gradual, experiencing grief asks us still around to reevaluate our place and our role in life as we move forward and delve into new realities.

Often, grief asks us to make meaning about why we are here - why those that are gone were here - and what it all means. I urge you to STOP yourself when you get on this track. While some thinking is helpful, over-intellectualizing can actually stop you from being present and freeze your grief process. In fact, intellectualization is a very common defense mechanism for lots of folks who have been through the american education system, felt misunderstood by their parents, or who have been determined to climb the ladder. It's OK if you do it and its even "normal" - but notice when you're doing it and try and check in if it is necessary.

Are you really going to answer life's big questions right now? Or would that best be saved for when you are feeling more grounded?

Anyways, grief looks like many, many different things. And, actually, grief is social. We grieve in the presence of others. Community is key in grief. That's why I recommend you check out this website. No, they're not paying me to write this.

Happy Web Surfing!

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Grief is a community activity.

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